Custom made feather flag


The custom printed feather flag can draw attention with minimal effort with its printed flags. You can put these aluminum poles into the ground using a spike, or using an angled bracket for asphalt or gravel. The banner flag is great for highlighting your store-front or to be used along a busy road and advertise your sale information and promote your products. The swooper Advertising flags or Flutter flags with a slight breeze. Each stock feather swooper flag kit includes a Swooper flags of your choice, a three piece good quality aluminum banner flagpole and a ground spike base. China made feather flags can easily be made with any color, but more often than not they are bright eye catching colors to maximize their affect. The custom made teardrop flags simply need a pole to be attached to so that they can catch wind. The outdoor flags bring to a business or organization’s campaign to “get the word out” is invaluable.


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